Trouble, all on my, mind
I got, trouble all on my mind

When I woke up this morning on the seventeenth day
I got outta bed early, fell down on my knees to pray
I said “father in heaven, gotta listen to me
I got something on my mind, something’s troubling me”

Well I waited for an answer, but it wasn’t forthcoming
So I picked myself up & I got myself a gun
I went to the store, where they sell the TV
& the salesman said “What you lookin at me for?”

Well I shot that man, with my loaded gun
& the jailer came, charge of Murder one
& I went to the judge just to state my side,
I said, “Yes I killed that man, but that man he had to die”

I got, trouble all on my, mind
I got, trouble all on my, mind

“You see I work all day on the factory floor
Just to make my money, just to keep my home
& when I came home early from my shift last night
I found my wife in bed with that salesman guy”

Well judgement came & I was sentenced to life
Now I spend my time on the chain gang line
& when people ask me “what you doing time for?” I say
“Trouble on my mind is the reason for my fall”

I got, trouble all on my, mind


from Trouble, released August 14, 2017


all rights reserved



Martin Andrews Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington (Te Whanganui-a-Tara), New Zealand (Aotearoa) based songwriter.

You can find the Polly Johnson Set and the music I write for them here: www.facebook.com/ThePollyJohnsonSet/

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